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Certification & Standard

Certification Requirements & Auditstandard Through the link Certification Requirements you can read the Certification Requirements as they apply to the establishment of a certification agreement between the Foundation Certification GraphicMedia industry (SCGM) and printing company that applies for certification (the 'client'). The used auditstandard is the ISO 12647 standard. In this standard the requirements of the system are described that must be reached by the company to qualify for the SCGM ISO 12647 Certificate. The certification standard applies to those aspects the organization can control and to which the organization - to be expected - can have influence. The ISO standard is available on the website of the ISO-organisation: www.iso.orgISO 12647-1: Parameters and measurement methods,ISO 12647-2: Offset lithographic processes,ISO 12647-3: Coldset offset lithography on newsprint,ISO 12647-4: Publication gravure printing,ISO 12647-5: Screen printing,ISO 12647-6: FlexographyISO 12647-7: Proofing processes working directly from digital data. Holder of the ISO 12647 Certificate By following the link you will open the overview of the Graphicmedia Companies that are certified for ISO 12647.

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