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ISO 12647

Demands of the customerThe customers increase their demands on quality, predictability and turnaround time. The use of ISO 12647 provides an excellent outcome. The ISO 12647 standard is an agreement on European level, to secure the quality of the color spectrum, to ensure optimization and to achieve easier cooperation within printing companies. In other words, the same type of printing, which can be produced by different printers. ISO 12647 is the standard for printing. In the coming years, the various customers will require higher demands on the specifications of the printing processes as a result of ISO 12647. As a print company you can indicate that you wish to become certified. The start of that process is an interview in your company. In that meeting a roadmap will be prepared to achieve the certification. The SCGM audits your company using accredited auditors. During this visit proofs are made with the aid of the test form. This test form is used from PDF format till printing through the company. The printed sheets will be examined by two accredited laboratories in the Netherlands and Belgium independently of each other.

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