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NetworkPrinting Standard Network. The Printing Standard Network is a group of print related associations under the umbrella of Intergraf aiming to support and strengthen the cooperation and application of ISO standards in print production. The Printing Standard Network is also a forum for individuals in associations and related organisations working actively with ISO standards in print production to promote their use in Europe. The SCGM is one of the certification bodies in Europe.Certification according to ISOFor a printer to be compliant with a quality standard such as the ISO 12647, the largest part of the work consists of aligning the different production processes with the specifications of the standard. This includes extensive testing and training within all departments of the company, often in cooperation with external experts. The results of this process will be higher efficiency, more consistent production and better compliance with your customers needs.A last important step of this process is certification of the company, in order to recognise the work done and the results achieved. In Europe, there are a number of certification bodies, performing audits and issuing certificates. The Printing Standard Network (PSN) acts as a platform for these organisations to exchange information and as a source of information for printers and print buyers interested in this matter.ISO TC-130The SCGM is a member of the TC-130 (printing industry committee) of the ISO. ISO is the International Organization for Standards. The ISO-organization establishes the worldwide used standards. The organization is a coalition of national standardization organizations in 156 countries.

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