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The Audit

The Audit by SCGMIf your company is prepared to produce under ISO 12647 conditions you can start with the audit process. Contact our organisation or fill in the Application for ISO 12647 Audit and an appointment will be made to start the procedure. The Certification Requirements and information about the auditstandard ISO 12647 you can find on this website. Audit Examination by IGT Testing laboratories and VIGC During the audit by the SCGM a test form is used. The test form will be used during the audit in the prepress and / or printing processes. The digital data and press sheets will be examined in two independent laboratories in the Netherlands (IGT Testing) and Belgium (VIGC). Both institutions are accredited by the SCGM to test them. IGT Testing Systems IGT Testing Systems is an independent company with its headquarters in Amsterdam. It is the successor of the renowned TNO Institute of Graphic Techniques, founded in 1939. IGT has offices in the U.S. and the Far East. The first check of the results (data and printed sheets) of the ISO 12647 audit by the SCGM occurs in the laboratory of IGT. After the measurements, the results are send to the testing laboratory in Belgium. VIGC VIGC, the Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communication (VIGC) is the independent knowledge centre for the printing industy in Belgium. The VIGC focuses on innovation in the graphic production. In practice this means support, up-to-date knowledge and increasing the knowledge of employees in companies, optimization of production processes, and exploring new possibilities. The second opinion on the result of the audit will take place in the laboratory of the VIGC. The Audit The results of the audit at the company are recorded by the auditor in the audit report. This report also includes the test results of the two laboratories: IGT Testing and VIGC. If all results are positive the company complies with the ISO 12647 standard. The company will receive the SCGM ISO 12647 Certificate.

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